Book Reviews

Affliction by River Savage

My edition: Kindle
Pages: 375
Series: Knights Rebels #2
Rating: 5 Stars

Review: The first book, Incadescent, we get the story of Kadence and Nix. Review here.

***Warning Spoilers if you haven’t read Incadescent.***

There will be fillers for the first bit of the book. You would need to read the first book in order to understand the fillers a bit better.

Now this is the story of Sylas and Holly. Holly has an attraction to Sy from the moment she seen him. Sy also has an attraction but since he left his ex-wife Katie, he has some major trust issues. (Can’t blame him though.) One night Sy and Holly tempt the attraction. It goes well, very well. Till the end then Sy leaves Holly naked and pissed off in her apartment. (Not the best idea.)

Sy’s back story in the prologue made me want to cry. How could a woman do that to a man? Just why? It is so cruel to do that to him. Then Holly is shot and she looses the baby. Holly pushes him away. He is having to face demons of the past all over again. Sy isn’t giving up though. He wants his Holly back and he isn’t leaving her.

I really liked Sy from the first book. With reading his story I feel much more for him. The struggle he went through with his first marriage would devastate anyone. I just wanted to reach through and hug him.

Holly, I just felt as much for her as I did Sy. She just needed to get out of her head. She was just tearing herself down by not letting Sy in.  But going through what she went through I do understand not wanting to let anyone in. Slowly Holly and Sy work their way to being friends and then being more.

There are parts of the book that will go back to the past, but it helps explain Sy’s story and what he went through. When it is in the past they are depicted as Sy’s nightmares that he wakes up from. This one is an up and down roller coaster of emotions. There are times were I was mad at Holly for being dumb and at the same time there were times that Sy needed to stop being dumb.

One thing I have learned from many books is communication solves 99.9% of problems. I do recommend this book for someone who loves MC romances.



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