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Fallen Crest Public by Tijan

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 312

Series: Fallen Crest #3

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Do you have that one show that is nothing but stupid drama but you sit there and watch it anyway? While sitting there watching it you notice you start to like it even though it is unnecessary drama and bull shit but it’s captivating anyway. Then all of the sudden it’s you new guilty pleasure. All your friends look at you weird and you sitting with a don’t judge sign. Well that is what this book series is to me. I like it. It is my guilty pleasure. At least one of them.

Sam is now transferred to Fallen Crest Public. Kate and her crew have let everyone know that they are gunning for Sam. Something big is going to happen this year and everyone can feel it. Not to mention that there is Bud and Brett Broudou to deal with. There is a big rivalry between Fallen Crest and Roussou High.

Even bigger Brett has a crush on Sam and asked her out. Luckily for Sam he doesn’t know that she is Mason’s girlfriend, yet. Logan and Nate are still feuding. Mason is realizing he is really in love with Sam. Tate is back and Logan wants vengeance.

But seriously there was a lot of drama in this one. Even at the end. It was totally unnecessary. But like I said before it is like that damn drama show that’s bad but some how you’re hooked. I’m not afraid to say it. I’m hooked. Especially now that Tate dropped a huge bomb shell at the end. Literally it stopped there. Damn cliffhangers.

Mason did earn some of my heart in this one. When the deal between Kate and Sam came down he did everything to get Kate back. Was it right? No. Was it sweet? Kind of. But did he always have Sam in mind and the thought of protecting her no matter what it takes? Yes. He did stupid things in this one but damn did he show how much he loved Sam. Now I have a bad feeling about in the next book when it comes to Logan and Mason.




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Danger! Bad Boy by April Brookshire

My edition: Kindle

Series: Beware of Bad Boy #2

Rating: 3.5

Review: Warning: there is a scene which involves rape.

Another warning there will be spoilers!

I want people to know that this story even in the first book shows what happens when a guy who is obsessed will do. It is scary and it is heart breaking. If you can’t hand anything like that then this series really isn’t for you.

This one was another roller coaster for me. Caleb and Gianna have very strong feelings for each other and of course there is Gianna’s mother. For a mother who puts there own desires of what their children should do before that child’s happiness needs to never have kids. I so wanted to beat Julie in the face. She has to be one of the worst parents ever.

Caleb only wants to keep Gianna close even if that means breaking her heart. This is where I really wanted to club Julie. The guy she thinks is bad for her daughter is the one who is actually good for her daughter. The guy who she thinks is best for her daughter decide to hit her and rape her. Seriously if that isn’t eye opening then nothing is. Luckily Gianna doesn’t have to deal with her mother for very much longer. Not if Caleb has anything to say about it.

My heart broke when I read that scene. Then having to read how Caleb felt. He felt as if he failed to protect her from him. That really broke my heart. Another one that makes me want money so I can buy the next book.


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The Barrier Between by Stacey Marie Brown

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 416

Series: Collector #2

Rating: 4.5

Review: This leaves off where the first one ends. Ryker and Zoey along with their sprite monkey Sprig are now in Peru. They are trying to find a shaman who will help return Ryker’s powers back to him.

In this book Zoey and Ryker are getting closer to each other. The attraction is building. But something happens. (Of course it does. It always does.) The relationship Zoey and Ryker have between them is strained. With this Ryker’s powers are becoming more and more adapt to Zoey. If they do become fully adapt there is only one way to get them back. Ryker hates that idea but Zoey has him promise to her that he will do it.

This one had my stomach in knots. Sprig is even funnier in this one. Don’t know how but he is. He has to be my favorite supporting character. I want him. My own little sprite monkey. I even laughed so hard at one of his parts, I woke up Y who wasn’t too happy. (He got over it) I could not sleep until I finished this bad boy. Now I  wish I had money to buy the third book because I need to know. What happened to my little monkey???? Damn cliffhangers!!!



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Affliction by River Savage

My edition: Kindle
Pages: 375
Series: Knights Rebels #2
Rating: 5 Stars

Review: The first book, Incadescent, we get the story of Kadence and Nix. Review here.

***Warning Spoilers if you haven’t read Incadescent.***

There will be fillers for the first bit of the book. You would need to read the first book in order to understand the fillers a bit better.

Now this is the story of Sylas and Holly. Holly has an attraction to Sy from the moment she seen him. Sy also has an attraction but since he left his ex-wife Katie, he has some major trust issues. (Can’t blame him though.) One night Sy and Holly tempt the attraction. It goes well, very well. Till the end then Sy leaves Holly naked and pissed off in her apartment. (Not the best idea.)

Sy’s back story in the prologue made me want to cry. How could a woman do that to a man? Just why? It is so cruel to do that to him. Then Holly is shot and she looses the baby. Holly pushes him away. He is having to face demons of the past all over again. Sy isn’t giving up though. He wants his Holly back and he isn’t leaving her.

I really liked Sy from the first book. With reading his story I feel much more for him. The struggle he went through with his first marriage would devastate anyone. I just wanted to reach through and hug him.

Holly, I just felt as much for her as I did Sy. She just needed to get out of her head. She was just tearing herself down by not letting Sy in.  But going through what she went through I do understand not wanting to let anyone in. Slowly Holly and Sy work their way to being friends and then being more.

There are parts of the book that will go back to the past, but it helps explain Sy’s story and what he went through. When it is in the past they are depicted as Sy’s nightmares that he wakes up from. This one is an up and down roller coaster of emotions. There are times were I was mad at Holly for being dumb and at the same time there were times that Sy needed to stop being dumb.

One thing I have learned from many books is communication solves 99.9% of problems. I do recommend this book for someone who loves MC romances.