Book Reviews

Seduce Me by Ryan Michelle

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 283

Series: Ravage Me #2


Review: Words. They cut deep, deeper than actions. Each one that spewed of of our mouths came from hurt and in my head, I know that, but my heart is another story.

This story follows Casey (Harlow’s best friend) and G.T. (Harlow’s brother). We got introduced to these two in the first book. In the first book it was clear Casey and G.T. had something happen in between them. Casey decided that she needed a fresh start away from the club she grew up around. The story starts a couple months before the shoot out at the end of book 1.

G.T. lied to Casey about being with other women just so she could leave him behind and get a better life. Only Casey is now miserable.

Love just doesn’t disappear when you’re pissed at someone. It’s always on the forefront. Always looming.

After Casey finds out that G.T. has been shot she feels even worse. When she returns home she makes a deal with G.T. She will stay with him in his room for twenty-four hours so he can rest. Then when it gets close to the end of the time all hell brakes loose.

I loved this story more that Harlow and Cruz’s. I wanted to cry for Casey so many times but couldn’t. (I was at work.) Her story made me feel very much. G.T. oh dear G.T., you dumbass what were you thinking. Any who the first half of the book was a filler then after Casey returns home everything starts to move at a faster pace. I didn’t care for Harlow all that much in this book. She got on my nerves. There were a few times Casey did get on my nerves but I was in her position once on feeling like an outsider. I can’t really say much because I was probably a pain in the ass when I felt like that.

G.T. really made me want to punch him in the face over and over. Casey only wanted him. She didn’t care about anything else. Nope he thought she was to good for him. So he breaks her heart. Yep what a dumbass. But what got him back on my good graces is that even though he was an asshat and he said and did horrible things to Casey, he owned up to it and decided he wasn’t going to let his Angel get away.