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Chosen by the Vampire Kings by Charlene Hartnady

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 417

Series: Chosen by the Vampire Kings box set part 1-6

Rating: 4.5

Review:  Part 1: Mate’s Lore

Tanya is chosen to be the mate of King Brant. She doesn’t want to be his mate but she doesn’t have a choice. She has an attraction to Brant but she doesn’t want to be his baby machine. She is desirable to all vampires. Until she can be mated to Brant, any vampire can challenge him to the rights of her. She decides that she has a few conditions if she is to be mated to Brant. But after she has shared her blood with him and then had mind blowing sex the next morning Zane the other king has invoked Mate’s Lore. Tanya now has to spend equal time with both kings and then choose at the mating ceremony.

Part 2: Torn Desires

Tanya now has twenty-four hours to spend with Zane. At first she is scared of him. But as the day progresses she starts to like him. She is feeling guilty for betraying Brant. There is another big problem. The elves and the shifters are working together to kill Tanya. Since she is the only one who can bare children to either king. IF she dies then so does the Vampire species.

Part 3: Love and War

Tanya is now back with Brant. Over the next nine days she is to be shared between Zane and Brant. Tanya doesn’t want to choose. She would rather share both of the kings and unite the covens. With her mated to both of them, she can bare both kings heirs. Zane is all for it while Brant is not liking the thought of Zane anywhere near Tanya.

Part 4: Wild Heat

While the manor of Brant’s is under attack, Zane Brant and Tanya are in a bunker under the manor. During this time Tanya is in “heat”. They both as they call rut with her. (Sex=rut) They have both decided that they need to learn to get along, for they have decided that both will mate with Tanya. Along with this the elves have backed off and offered their allegiance. The wolves have yet to do so.

Part 5: Red Lust

Tanya is pregnant. The elven daughter,Esral, was given in the last part as part of the allegiance the elves made. She was supposed to mate with royalty but with Tanya fighting for female rights she got her out of that. Though Xavier, Brant’s brother, can mate her, he doesn’t want to even though he finds her very appealing. Tanya is to be mated to both Zane and Brant soon. Brant still wanting to keep things separate for the time being has asked to do the mating first while Zane waits outside. But all doesn’t go well.

Part 6:New Moon

Brant and Zane are fighting together to get their female back. Tanya knows it’s not going to work so she is willing to raise her baby as a single mother. Something happens to Tanya and the baby. Brant and Zane come together deciding that they would do anything for their female. Even working and mating her together.

I actually liked this series. It definitely was smutastic. At first I was a little annoyed with the fact of forcing but after the ceremony both males show that they will be slow with her. Letting her decide when to take the next step. I also like the whole triangle. Yes I’m a little messed up when it comes to fantasies but hey there is probably something a little off about your’s too. Don’t judge me! Do I recommend this? No it might not be for everyone. It hit the right spot for me though.

Your’s truly,