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Save Me from Myself by Stacey Mosteller

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 236

Series: Nashville Nights #1

Rating: 3.5

Review: Lyric moves to Nashville after she finds her fiance cheating on her. Without the support of her family she moves in with her friend Anna. She starts working at Nashville Nights which is an entertainment magazine.

On her first night in Nashville she is taken to Drench a local bar where she meets David. At first she thinks he is a bartender but later in the book she finds out he owns it. He also lives with a guy named Jeremy and his little sister Sarahbeth or SB.

Lyric has been heart broken by her ex in one of the most horrible ways. She is guarding herself as much as she can but David is breaking through.

The story wasn’t bad. It was kind of cute. Wasn’t a total bore but it wasn’t a total I need to know right now.



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