Book Reviews

Room for More by Beth Ehemann

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 258

Series: Cranberry Inn #2


Review: Will contain a few spoilers!

OMGOODNESS I didn’t think this could get any cuter and it went and did. Brody seriously you are making it high on my best book boyfriends. You are winning my heart one twinkie at a time. It is totally understandable why you are a book boyfriend. YOU ARE TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE! Damn it! I want a man like you.

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Kacie, oh poor Kacie. She ran into her ex, who is also the twinkies father, Zach at the hospital at the end of the first book. Now he all of the sudden wants to see his daughters after he sees them with Brody. Nah uh broski. you calm them horses. After five years you just now want to see you kids after you seen another man step in and do your job. No way in hell. Okay getting off point. Kacie does the right thing and tells him no. Even when he says he wants to talk to her she puts her foot down and says no. That’s right girl! You go tell him whose boss!

But then she finally listen to his story. That was dumb idea #1. Then she said he could watch the girls at the park from afar. Dumb idea #2. But the dumbest one of all is that she hasn’t told Brody any of this. Dumb idea #3.

Things are a little hectic due to Brody’s hockey season coming up. It is also his contract year. This year will decide if he stays on as a Minnesota Wild or will he be traded. A lot is riding on him. Kacie doesn’t want to tell Brody that Zach is back because she doesn’t want to add anymore stress to his already big load. I understand where she is coming from don’t get me wrong but she should have just told him. Yeah it would have added more stress but it would have been less stressful than the way he found out.

I was happy when Brody hit Zach though. I was doing my happy dance.

images pretty much me at that part.

Poor Brody. He was having such a hard time. But all prevails. Of course. That epilogue, man Ehemann did you want my heart to burst. It about did. I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves happy endings.