Book Reviews

The Vampire’s Warden by S.J. Wright

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 201

Series: Undead in Brown County #1

Rating: 2.5

Review: Contains spoilers!!!! Fair warned

I can’t really explain what is going on in this book because my head hasn’t fully processed it. Sarah is now a warden to the vampire Michael, who turned her mother who is now living in California, and a couple others who are underground. But before all this her father’s doctor tells her that her mother is alive after fourteen years of thinking she had died. After that a mysterious guy, Alex, shows up. He tells Sarah that her mother had sent him.  He then tells Sarah how he met her mother and even told her that the sex with her is magical.

Hello idiot! She just found out her mother is not really dead and you tell her that the sex was magical and that she was a vampire turned by Michael. Yeah good idea, jackass! Then he tells her that it is a lie. (The sex with Sarah’s mother not the other stuff.) He only said that to keep her at arms length. You are proving to be an even bigger jackass.

Then it got confusing every time Sarah was around Michael. She had a hard time remembering that she was on earth let alone that there is a reason this vampire is in a “prison”. Then a rogue vampire group shows up who have Sarah’s sister, Katie. They want Michael because of his blood. He is one of the most powerful vamps and they want that power. Of course all hell breaks loose.

Due to the MC’s long explanations of her emotions I skimmed through a bunch. That probably didn’t help my understanding but it was like “Get to the damn point already!” She was annoying. She made it to my How am I even standing your BS list. I want to just bang my head against the wall. I know I will lose brain cells faster this way. (Harsh I know but that is totally my feelings right now.)