Book Reviews

Grabbed by Vicious by Lolita Lopez

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 235

Series: Grabbed #1

Rating: 3.5 grabbing stars

Review: I know some men like the chase but this is a whole new level. Hallie is picked by the lottery to be in the Grab. She has to run a forest maze like grid. If she makes it to the safe zone she is fine but if a Haroc catches her, she is to be his mate. If she is not to be grabbed then she will most likely marry a farmer.

Vicious (Yeah that is really his name) has caught Hallie. To show that he had he has to put a collar around her neck. Vicious shows Hallie that he is gentle and kind.

When the general comes onto the ship they are housed in, their second night as mates gets tested. Hallie has to act like a cat. Yep a cat. Sorry but no man is worth having to act like a pet and be treated that way.

I don’t like how fast Hallie trusted Vicious. On the second night of being mates she has to act as a cat just so he doesn’t have his career put in jeopardy. To me that is way to early to be put in that position and give up as easily as she did. (Also I’m just not a fan of butt plugs. That does not sound comfy at all.) If the man I married told me to do this I would have looked him in the face and told him exactly what he could with his new toy.

I won’t ruin any more of the book but to me that one part made it go from a 4 to a 3.5. The writing wasn’t totally my favorite either but I have read worse writing.


Me being me!

Valentine’s Day and Why I hate it!!!

Well it is upon us. The worst day of the entire year.


No I don’t hate Valentine’s day due to me never having a boyfriend on it of any of that nonsense. No it is the commercialization that I hate. The fact that a man has to meet a certain quota just to please a woman it’s total cockamamie.


Oh and there is that little tid bit. Also that this year is a leap year.


No offense to Cupid but he has the shittest holiday. I love romance, don’t get me wrong. I just don’t want one day meant to be where a guy has to out due that guy or the other guy down the hall. Seriously it’s like one big dick swinging contest and some women will get pissed if their man didn’t do it right. Seriously he took time out of his busy schedule to plan a perfect date for you, you frankenskank. Stop being a total Skankenstein and love that your man did that for you. If not there are many single ladies who would love to take him off of your hands. Just saying.

Any who there are many reasons people love or hate this stupid holiday. There is one thing that I do want out of this Valentine’s day this year… Deadpool.




I need me some Ryan Reynolds. He is just dripping with sex appeal. Rawr!

Haha! For those of you that love Valentine’s day have a good one. Just don’t wish me a good one for I do not celebrate it.