Book Reviews

Taming the Vampire by Chloe Hart

my edition: Kindle

Pages: 93

Series: Blood and Absinthe

Rating: 3

Review: Yep it was short. Liz is a fae hybrid. She is a warrior for the Green Fae. She also hates a certain vampire named Jack Morgan. Liz needs Jack’s help to kill the child of Kraken. Yep apparently that monster had many babies who aren’t the nicest kids on the block.

Of course it was another “I hate you! You hate me! But hey let’s have sex!”

play 2

The only difference is so they can do a ritual. But the thing is Jack doesn’t really hate Liz. Shocker right? Liz is somewhat attracted to Jack. Another shocker there.

The story was different. I wasn’t all that omgoodness about it. Just another take on a vampire story.

taming the vampire.jpg


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