Book Reviews

Play by Holly S. Roberts

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 253

Series: Completion #1 (Stand alone)

Rating: 3

Review: Fair warning there is a little bit of a rant/preachy bit of review ahead. You have been warned.

We meet our hero and heroine at a party. Our heroine, Rebecca, was there with her sister who was off some where, when one of the football players, Stump, tried to get a little mouth action from Rebecca. She is then saved by Killian MacGregor the Phoenix Scorpions quarterback. Rebecca is instantly attracted to Killian. He takes her home back to the college.

She doesn’t hear from him till a month later. He gives her three tickets and tells her to invite two friends. What she didn’t realize was that he gave her VIP tickets. After the first game Rebecca goes home with Killian.

There are a few good things I can say about Play.

  1. I love how Killian shows time after time how beautiful Rebecca is, even though she doesn’t quite believe it.
  2. It shows insecurities.
  3. It has football

Then there are a few bad things I can say.

  1. It has football but the story is told from Rebecca’s P.O.V. and she doesn’t understand football at all.
  2. Rebecca already was picturing a future with babies and all fun and joy after the first time she ran into Killian. Rebecca falls hard for Killian fast.
  3. It shows a lot of insecurities.

Yeah I know one of the good things about this story is also one of the bad things about this story. It is a double edge sword.

For me falling that hard it’s a form of lust/attraction that can turn into love but love just doesn’t all of the sudden go here I am. (Unless you’re a mother and just gave birth to your child. Then love goes Ta-Da.) Rebecca just made me want to curl up and scream in frustration. Seriously I know us women have insecurities and it’s hard to get rid of them, but when a man is showing you how much he loves your body, shut up and let him. Don’t doubt it soon after.

play 2

I don’t know what it’s like to be tall. I am only 5 foot. I do know what it’s like to be short and have an attraction to a guy who likes tall women. But that doesn’t mean I’m going to sit and hate my shortness. There is nothing I can do about it. Just be you because everyone else is taken. At the beginning and end of the day it’s just you. Make yourself happy and don’t care what everyone else is doing. Only you have to live with you for your whole life. You have just one chance. One! Own it! Accept it! Don’t fight it! (Sorry to get a little body and self acceptance preachy there.) Seriously though you only get one life, love yourself for who you are.

play 1