Book Reviews

Demons by K.F. Breene

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 173

Series: Darkness #4

Rating: 4.5

Review: The Regional has decided that he is going to adopt Sasha as his daughter. He feels like he needs to do this. Jonas has officially put himself as protector of Sasha even though he kind of hates himself for doing it. I secretly like Jonas. Except when he makes human men suck his dick because he overloads them with pheromones. That’s cheating Jonas!

Stefan is having a hard time with demons starting to pop up. Flash backs from when his parents died are haunting him. Sasha is trying to be as helpful and she is trying to lead. With Jonas helping her, she is getting there. Sasha also found more humans like her.

demons 2Found this when I was searching for the book cover. Had to use it

I felt for Stefan in this book. My heart just went out to him. It is a good thing that Sasha is human and not like Stefan because she was able to show him that no matter what he is going through she will be with him the whole way. Jonas is stealing my heart but I do get it back when he turns into an asshole. (It’s called anger management.)

I am sad now that I’m broke and won’t be able to get the next books for a while. I am addicted to this series plus I want more of Charles and Jonas. Can they be my bodyguards?

demons 1.jpg


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