Book Reviews

On Razor’s Edge by K.F. Breene

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 178

Series: Darkness #3

Rating: 4.5

Review: When I first started this series I pictured my one of my favorite actor’s David Boreanaz as Stefan

.Stefan 1.jpg pretty sexy right.

Well then my mind kept putting in my all time Canadian crush (also fitness model who has been on a few book covers) Alex Boivin.

stefan 2Hot right. (He’s my sex god)

So Alex has won my brain over for being my Stefan. So getting on with the review.

The regional and his white mage Toa have come to see if for fact Sasha is black magic power. After all the tests on Sasha, the Regional sends her out. He then decides to drop a bomb shell on Stefan.


Plot twist. That one had me out of my seat wanting to scream!!

download (1)

I’m pretty sure that is what my face was like too. I had major desire to skim through all the pages just to see what happens but I honed in. I got myself under control and powered through. (I was on the edge of my seat the rest of the book.) Good thing I have the fourth book because my gut is in knots. Breene, how did you do this to me??? I know after I read the fourth book I am going to go a little insane because I can’t buy the next four books till I get some more money or at least (hopefully wishing) they get onto Kindle unlimited. (Highly doubt that will happen though hence hopefully wishing.)

on razor's edge.jpg


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