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Eden High Book 2 by Jordan Silver

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 69

Series: Eden High Book #2

Rating: 2 stars

Review: I took a little break before I read the third book in Darkness.

Well as in the first book Sian starts off being an annoying brat. She is still self centered. Yeah she is nice to the girls the cheerleaders pick on but she is still a spoiled brat. All she wants is Jace but the most popular girl in the school, Queen Ice Bitch (that’s her name to me) doesn’t like that. She and Jace just broke things off but she is an even more self absorbed bitch that Sian and thinks Jace is still hers. (She is also kind of psycho.)

Jace just walks up to the house asks to see both Sian’s parents and asked their permission to date their daughter. They agree.

The writing got to me again like it did in the first book. I just wanted to bang my head against the wall. There were apostrophes that should have been in a place but wasn’t to many paragraphs when a person is talking and yeah. Heck there were even a few spelling mistakes. I just couldn’t take it. Since this was a novella it wasn’t too long so I finished it in no time. I highly doubt that I will read the third one. It was the same feeling that I had after the first one but it maybe a little bit stronger.

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