Book Reviews

Braving the Elements by K.F. Breene

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 181

Series: Darkness #2

Rating: 4

Review: Sasha is having to go to school to learn to harness her magic. Along with her is Charles who has already taken these classes and isn’t all that happy about being Sasha’s bodyguard.

Light-Brown-Hair-Guys.jpg How I picture Charles.

Sasha is trying very hard to ignore Stefan. She has found out that Darla is to be his mate so she tries to stay clear. She has found a way to block the connection but when ever Stefan asks her to open it she does. In this story everything is starting to get heated. It comes to a full territory war. It is enough that Stefan brings back Jonas who he had banished in the first book.

I’m so happy that towards the end (Spoiler alert) Sasha and Stefan stop fighting their feelings. Stefan even marks her which a male hasn’t marked a female in years. (A very long ass time.) On to the next story. So excited.

braving the elements


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