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Thin Love by Eden Butler

My Edition: Kindle

Pages: 446

Series: Thin Love #1

Rating: 4.5-5 Stars

Review: No woman could erase her completely and nothing would ever compare to the sight and feel of his Wildcat. 

Wow! I cried with this one. This book was an eye opener. Kona and Kiera had to do an English project together. Kiera doesn’t like Kona, sure she is attracted to him but she thinks he’s another meat head football player.

If you don’t like relationships in a book with anger and abuse this isn’t the book for you. Kona never hit Kiera but Kiera did hit Kona. Both have some serious anger issues. Also the story dips into steroid use and dealing steroids. Let’s just say it hits some issues that normally people don’t want to read about. Including biracial couples. Kona being of Hawaiian descant and Kiera being white. Both of their mothers don’t approve. Plus their mothers make it to my list once again we have evil bitches who would rather watch their child’s world burn than that child being happy. Can we please stop with these mothers?

No one ever loved me like you did; unconditional, unwavering. You never set limits. Not once.

The reason I gave this a high rating was because I cried. I had some serious emotion when they meet up sixteen years later. I found how this was told a lot like Forever Red. At first it shows present day then it jumps back to the past and goes through the relationship and everything that happened to get them to where they are in the present. Not going to lie really wanted to skip a lot of the past story and get to the present. I was impatient. I wanted to know what Kona was going to do.

I did like the story but damn were there some (okay a lot) of grammar mistakes or misspellings. There wasn’t a lot as in I’m going to go insane but a lot that the editor needs to be rereading this and double checking.

I am going to read the second book, Thick Love, which is about Kona and Kiera’s son Ransom. It will be his story.

P.S. I pictured Dwayne Johnson the whole time through this.



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The Hook Up by Kristen Callihan

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 354

Series: Game on #1

Rating: 3

Review: I’m not going to say it was love at first sight. No, it was more like oh, hell-yes-pleas, I’ll have that. With a helping of right-the-fuck-now on the side. -Drew

Well the title is pretty much what this book is about. Drew Baylor is the football quarterback. Anna is just a regular girl who tries to resist Drew. Yeah doesn’t work. This was one of those NA books that was mostly about sex. The reason this has the rating it does is because of the twist it has.

I love the twist. Most books it’s the guy uses the girl for sex when the girl likes him and then he starts liking her more and more as the book goes on, blah, blah. Well not this book. Nope! The guy likes the girl but the girl doesn’t want the relationship so she just wants the casual hook up. It shows the other way. That there are girls who have been hurt bad in a relationship or they have low self esteem that they would rather have casual sex.

Never force something, Drew. A bolt, a pass, a game, whatever. Force it and you’ll lose. Patience and persistence is how you win in life. Take your time, look for the solution, and if it doesn’t come to you, fall back, reassess, and try again. – Drew’s father

Drew took the casual hook ups that Anna gave him. Any chance she gave him, he would take it. Anna just wants to keep guys at arms length. Drew isn’t going to give up that easily. He will have Anna as his girlfriend. He’s determined.



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The Deal by Elle Kennedy

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 342

Series: Off-Campus #1

Rating: 5 stars

Review: I add this to my list last year. I bought it along with many other books. It has been on my kindle for a long time. Well as the year progressed and then the new year was around the bend, I started to see more and more reviews of this book pop up. It’s been killing me because this was one of the books I’ve been dying to read but some other books had to come first for many reasons. Now I finally have sat down and read this. I am now over this mountain and all I have to say is wow.

If this was a movie, she’d be the young, ambitious teacher who shows up at the inner city school and inspires the fuck-ups and suddenly everyone’s putting down their AKs and picking up their pencils, and the end credits scroll up to announce how all the kids got into Harvard or some shit.- Hannah

Hannah is the one of the few who passed the midterm in her Philosophical ethics class. When Garrett Graham, hockey star at Briar, notices this he does pretty much anything to get Hannah to tutor him. Even dangling a date to help her score the attention of the guy she likes. She takes him up on that deal.

Clearly Hannah Wells hasn’t been around many athletes. We’re a stubborn lot, and the main thing we all have in common? We never, ever give up. -Garrett

What she doesn’t expect is them becoming friends and more. Garrett doesn’t expect it either. One being a music major not really into jocks while the other is a total man whore jock. (Big surprise there.) There is one thing that is standing in their way of happiness. Phil Graham! Can I say ASSHOLE!!! Yep that’s right. Garrett’s dad is what is in the way. Why?? Because Phil doesn’t want to Garrett to focus on anything but hockey, hockey and more hockey. To say he is a pretentious dick would be an understatement. Another classic parent only wants whats best for them than their child. I could go on and on about people like that and how they don’t deserve the right to have kids. But it’s even worse than that. He is one of the types of parents I loathe. People who know me know this is the #1 on my list of types of parents I want to smash their face in. (Wanna know what type?? Read the book and you’ll find out.)

I ate this book up fast. Seriously didn’t want to put it down. I did when the clock hit midnight then I woke up at 5:30 and decide hell I’m up and kept reading. (But damn it if I can’t say that Y pissed me off because he kept interrupting me while I read. Yeah now he’s not happy with me. Don’t care!! He broke #1 rule when I have a book/kindle in my hand.) I didn’t like how cliques that seemed so high school was in this. I didn’t expect that with college, but then again I avoided most people at college. I do love this book. Might even be put on the favorites list. Who knows? Why did I wait so long to read this? I now know what everyone is talking about when they say this is one of the best series ever. I love this!! (Yep said it again.) And you know what I am putting this on the favorites.

P.S. Can I have a man like Garrett Graham only in a baseball version?? Please!!! And can his name be Nolan Arenado.


Yep!! Him!!! For those who want to know I am a huge Rockies fan!! Why? They are the first team I saw play in a stadium in the third grade. I’m Colorado native. (no I’m not a Broncos fan.) I just love my Rockies. It’s home. I’ll probably say more about this subject another time though.

Back to my review: Garrett and Hannah deal with real life issues that actual people deal with and try not to out drama each other. Yeah there is drama but it’s realistic. And life has drama. We have to get use to it.

“Sex is all about trust, even if you don’t love the other person, even if it’s just a hookup, it still takes a serious amount of trust to open yourself up and let yourself go to that vulnerable place, you know.” -Garrett 

I can’t wait to read Logan’s story.



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#Nerd by Cambria Hebert

My edition: Kindle


Series: Hashtag #1

Rating: 4

Review: I loved the honesty animals lived by. Nothing about them was fake. They showed how they were feeling without apology.- Rimmel

Rimmel is sort of blackmailed into tutoring Roman/Romeo so he won’t get kicked off the team. At first neither of them really were happy about that idea. Romeo was going to rush for the Alpha Omegas. The challenge the pledges had was to bed a girl and take a picture for proof. The set back was that the brothers of Omega would choose the pledges girl that they had to get in bed. Along with this they had to do other tasks.

Zach, who was the president of the Omegas, doesn’t like Romeo and he has made that perfectly clear. So Zach chooses Rimmel to be the girl Romeo has to get to bed in order to be initiated in. It almost seemed like a dare from Zach to Romeo. Romeo wasn’t backing down.

As he gets closer to Rimmel he starts becoming more protective. But it all comes down to one Friday night, the Omegas’ frat party. Zach wants Romeo to bring Rimmel.

This book almost reminded me of She’s All That. You know that high school movie with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Paul Walker. He dares her to make a prom queen out of Laney the “unattractive” girl. Yeah this book was almost like that. It wasn’t bad. A little bit better story that She’s All That.

I also have a big guess on why Zach doesn’t like that Romeo has Rimmel. A very big guess.



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Forever Red by Carina Adams

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 470

Series: Bama Boys #1

Rating: 4.75 -5 stars

Review: For me, there was no simplicity of burning bridges. No, I strapped dynamite to every single one, blowing them into tiny smithereens. Then, I bulldozed each surviving piece into a pile, doused it with kerosene, and aimed a blowtorch toward the debris, just to make sure there would be nothing left. – Cecelia

Part 1- Then

Cecelia was in her class when she first saw Nate. Cecelia wasn’t even really paying attention to the new kid. No, she was to busy staring at Mr. Matthews. She was close to getting him in bed due to a point system that her and her two best friends played. (Messed up I know.) But when Mr. Matthews asks Lia to show Nate (or as he goes by Neil) the started talking. Then Neil sat with her at lunch and they became friends. Slowly the feelings started to grow. (Not going to lie Cecelia was a major slut before Neil. Just throwing that out there.)

When senior year hits, the book takes a turn to depressing. 9/11!! That date that will forever be a scar on America’s beautiful land. A scar in history when things turn to the worst. Cecelia’s dad being in the navy doesn’t help her. She becomes worried. Everyone is in that state of shock that most of us lived through and know way to well. I will admit I was close to tears reading through this part. Not only is her dad fighting but their best friend Mike decided he would join and fight too.

Sometimes, seeing how big the world is makes the little things seem so much less important– Nate

Part 2- Now

Lia’s friends/ co-workers bought her tickets to go see Nate Kelly. What they don’t know is that Nate is really Neil. Well they really didn’t know about Neil either. When they have a run in with Nate at the meet and greet a little tension is an understatement. I want to say more but then I would ruin all of part 2. It wasn’t what I thought was going to happen but it was pretty good.

I wasn’t expecting it to go back to the past and explain as much as it did. I thought this book would be mostly Nate and Cecelia trying to figure out where they stand after all these years. I am glad that Adams went back and told their story. I did want to cry during the time when 9/11 hit. I was remembering everything that happened and remembering every thing that has been shared with me about that date. I really wanted to curl up and cry because I do have friends in the military and I don’t want them to go over just like anyone else, even though I am honored to have someone to fight for my freedom. (I’m rambling. So sorry.)

The reason this is gets a high rating for me was because I had a bunch of feelings during this. It is hard for me to feel a lot when it comes to a book but this one made me feels, hardcore.


I can’t wait to get the next book and get Mike’s story. Yes I’m sort of fan girling right now.



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Meant to Be by Laramie Briscoe

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 255

Series: Heaven Hill #1

Rating: 3.5

Review: Denise is a struggling, single mother of thirteen year old twins. On her birthday she got served with foreclosure papers. After she covers a shift for a co-worker, Roni, her brother, Liam, (Just so if you’re confused this is Roni’s brother) thanks her. After that William Walker Sr. wants to use Denise. Liam and Roni don’t want to bring Denise into club business but what the president says goes.

Liam is VP of the Heaven Hill MC. He has to go and offer the favor to Denise. She has to transport drugs for the club. (I would not be this desperate. My mind, I’m thinking what if you get caught. Your kids could be taken away. Just saying.)

I don’t know how I feel about this one. Mostly due to the fact that she jumped in needing the money for her twins so they could eat but at the same time I keep thinking what would happen if she got caught. Her kids would be taken away from her, she would be in jail while her kids went in and out of foster care. That would be a bigger problem to me but I’m not a mother. I have no idea what a mother would due just to make sure her kids have food and a roof over their head.

I did like Liam. He was sexy as ever. The best part about him is that he is nothing like his father. YAY! Liam claimed Denise as his own after a couple days of knowing her. He makes sure that her and her kids are protected.

On the P.O.V. it got kind of confusing at times because I didn’t know excatly who it was sometimes. I had to go and reread to make sure I read it right. On one page it will be through the P.O.V. of Denise and the next paragraph on the same page it was Liam’s P.O.V. It was a little confusing at times. I am pretty much in the middle with this book.

For some reason I really like this cover. Don’t know why. I just do.

***Warning: There is a rape scene in this book.***




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Life’s Blood by Kailin Gow

My edition: Kindle


Series: Pulse #2

Rating: 4

Review: ***Warning: Spoilers if you haven’t read the first book Pulse.***

So this starts off pretty much where the first book left off. Kalina is taken to Octavius bedroom. He then sends in his mistress to check and see if Kalina is still a virgin. Octavius want Kalina as his own. He wants Kalina to love him. Kalina finds a way to escape along with Stuart, Jaeger, and Aaron.

Octavius wants Kalina for her blood which is known as Life’s Blood. If taken from the carrier with love as a virgin the vampire will turn human. If not given with love the vampire will turn powerful, immortal (meaning nothing can kill them. Just to clarify), and unspeakable evil. Their blood lust will increase. Octavius will stop at nothing to get Kalina back.

In the first book there was already two love interests, since Aaron was thought to be dead, Jaeger and Stuart. Now in this book Aaron is found out to not be dead and then Octavius kisses Kalina and for some reason she doesn’t stop it even though she knows that she shouldn’t be kissing him. When she does she feels something for Octavius. I guess vampires just have so kind of magic lips because damn this girl falls fast and for many guys. Not judging. I would too, well probably. Any who Octavius also sees Drusila who was his human to be wife or wife (can’t remember.) in Kalina.

Of course I read another book with another damn cliffhanger. Ugh!!! Can I get one book without a bloody cliffhanger???


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Fallen Crest Public by Tijan

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 312

Series: Fallen Crest #3

Rating: 4 stars

Review: Do you have that one show that is nothing but stupid drama but you sit there and watch it anyway? While sitting there watching it you notice you start to like it even though it is unnecessary drama and bull shit but it’s captivating anyway. Then all of the sudden it’s you new guilty pleasure. All your friends look at you weird and you sitting with a don’t judge sign. Well that is what this book series is to me. I like it. It is my guilty pleasure. At least one of them.

Sam is now transferred to Fallen Crest Public. Kate and her crew have let everyone know that they are gunning for Sam. Something big is going to happen this year and everyone can feel it. Not to mention that there is Bud and Brett Broudou to deal with. There is a big rivalry between Fallen Crest and Roussou High.

Even bigger Brett has a crush on Sam and asked her out. Luckily for Sam he doesn’t know that she is Mason’s girlfriend, yet. Logan and Nate are still feuding. Mason is realizing he is really in love with Sam. Tate is back and Logan wants vengeance.

But seriously there was a lot of drama in this one. Even at the end. It was totally unnecessary. But like I said before it is like that damn drama show that’s bad but some how you’re hooked. I’m not afraid to say it. I’m hooked. Especially now that Tate dropped a huge bomb shell at the end. Literally it stopped there. Damn cliffhangers.

Mason did earn some of my heart in this one. When the deal between Kate and Sam came down he did everything to get Kate back. Was it right? No. Was it sweet? Kind of. But did he always have Sam in mind and the thought of protecting her no matter what it takes? Yes. He did stupid things in this one but damn did he show how much he loved Sam. Now I have a bad feeling about in the next book when it comes to Logan and Mason.




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Danger! Bad Boy by April Brookshire

My edition: Kindle

Series: Beware of Bad Boy #2

Rating: 3.5

Review: Warning: there is a scene which involves rape.

Another warning there will be spoilers!

I want people to know that this story even in the first book shows what happens when a guy who is obsessed will do. It is scary and it is heart breaking. If you can’t hand anything like that then this series really isn’t for you.

This one was another roller coaster for me. Caleb and Gianna have very strong feelings for each other and of course there is Gianna’s mother. For a mother who puts there own desires of what their children should do before that child’s happiness needs to never have kids. I so wanted to beat Julie in the face. She has to be one of the worst parents ever.

Caleb only wants to keep Gianna close even if that means breaking her heart. This is where I really wanted to club Julie. The guy she thinks is bad for her daughter is the one who is actually good for her daughter. The guy who she thinks is best for her daughter decide to hit her and rape her. Seriously if that isn’t eye opening then nothing is. Luckily Gianna doesn’t have to deal with her mother for very much longer. Not if Caleb has anything to say about it.

My heart broke when I read that scene. Then having to read how Caleb felt. He felt as if he failed to protect her from him. That really broke my heart. Another one that makes me want money so I can buy the next book.


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The Barrier Between by Stacey Marie Brown

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 416

Series: Collector #2

Rating: 4.5

Review: This leaves off where the first one ends. Ryker and Zoey along with their sprite monkey Sprig are now in Peru. They are trying to find a shaman who will help return Ryker’s powers back to him.

In this book Zoey and Ryker are getting closer to each other. The attraction is building. But something happens. (Of course it does. It always does.) The relationship Zoey and Ryker have between them is strained. With this Ryker’s powers are becoming more and more adapt to Zoey. If they do become fully adapt there is only one way to get them back. Ryker hates that idea but Zoey has him promise to her that he will do it.

This one had my stomach in knots. Sprig is even funnier in this one. Don’t know how but he is. He has to be my favorite supporting character. I want him. My own little sprite monkey. I even laughed so hard at one of his parts, I woke up Y who wasn’t too happy. (He got over it) I could not sleep until I finished this bad boy. Now I  wish I had money to buy the third book because I need to know. What happened to my little monkey???? Damn cliffhangers!!!