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Beautiful Oblivion by Addison Moore

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 318

Series: Beautiful Oblivion #1

Rating: DNFing at 59%

Review: Reese has known Ace for most of her life. She has been friends with him for a long time. She also has a huge crush on him. What she doesn’t know is that he likes her back just as much. Reese decides that she is going to convince Ace to have a summer fling with her and take her virginity. Ace tries to give her an out but she won’t take it so he agrees. But he makes sure that it won’t happen fast and he is going to make it special.

One problem though. His name is Warren. Warren wants Reese. Warren and Reese’s fathers want them together. Reese doesn’t like Warren. Warren sort of ambush dates her. (Read the story to find out what that is. It is very hard to explain.)

beautiful oblivion

Warren is a disgusting pig to me. He acts like Reese is his and then he checks out other girls and even flirts with them in front of Reese. By the way what is Neva’s (Ace’s little sister) big deal? Kennedy is a snot. The cliche version of all sorority girls. I know some aren’t all like this but some are. Mostly I just can’t stand Warren.

The writing was kind of annoying. Moore used the word pinch way to many times. There are more words out there. The characters don’t talk like people I have ever known.

“My dick wags like a tail.”– pg 73 Ace

Really what guy has ever thought that? Please point him out. If you dick is wagging like a tail you have some major issues or some serious muscle control. To be completely truthful I skimmed many pages. I was a little bored. Mostly I wanted to punch our heroine in the face. Seriously if you and Warren weren’t together than it should have been easy to say “I’m not with you asshole” and “Dad this is my life, I’ll marry who I want.” Really it’s not that hard.




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