Book Reviews

Soar by Alyssa Rose Ivy

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 192

Series: The Empire Chronicles #1

Rating: 4.5

Review: Well I was totally blown away by this story. Ivy had a different view of the supernatural that I haven’t had a chance to experience. I loved the flow of the book. Toby you are another sweetie add to my list. Not very high but still add. Jared, you sir are an asshole. Couldn’t leave well enough alone could you. Nelly, you swamp donkey slut, should have kept your mouth shut. Seriously. I can’t wait till I can afford to get books again. The second to this series, Search, is going on my books to buy.

I really want to read the second one right now. Damn cliff hangers!!!!



Movie Reviews

Two Night Stand starring Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton


Movie: A woman trying to get over a bad break up decides to go online. (Always the right choice. Not) She makes an online connection and decides to go over to his place. They have sex blah blah blah. The kicker though is that they live in New York. A snow storm traps them inside. Awkward part is that they just had jabs at each other and now are stuck together.

My opinion: This was an alright movie. The girl seemed to snotty for me. I love Miles Teller. He was adorable to me. Even for being a pot head. But omgoodness I just couldn’t get past Tipton’s character. She was like so snotty and ugh I can’t even think of anything good to say about her character. There was a good sex scene. Got Y a little riled up.

Rating: 5 out of 10

Book Reviews

Bound by Brenda Rothert

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 296

Series: Fire on Ice #1

Rating: 4.5

Review: To say this started out as two adults happy in life, I would be lying. The story starts off really sad. But there is a reason for it. Our two M.C.s meet at a grief counseling meeting. Yeah it’s that sad. But the story does get happier. Thankfully Rothert didn’t make our M.C.s find each other and then they were perfectly okay. No she had them battling grief throughout the story. Mostly our heroine had the biggest battle because her tragedy happened closer to when she goes to grief counseling. Our hero had been battling for two years when he meets Kate.

Kate is surprised when pro hockey player Jason Ryker offers her a job as his assistant. Since she is a couple months out of college and still hasn’t found a job she takes it hesitantly. Soon Ryker isn’t Jason Ryker to Kate. He is just Ryke the man she met at grief counseling and the laid back hockey star.

Ryke is up high on my list of amazing book boyfriends. He waited till Kate was ready. He was sweet to her and waited till she was comfortable to go further with him. Kate bless her sweet little heart. If I was in her situation I would have died of a broken heart. This wasn’t like many N.A. books. This was two adults battling through life and just happened to find each other. They help one another out during their hard times and fall in love.

Me, personally, fell in love with Ryke. As explained up above, Ryke is high up on the list. (Nobody has beaten Romeo from Sweet home by Tillie Cole or the boys of the Ghost Bird series by C.L. Stone.) But Ryke came close. He left me like.


This one is one I would recommend to anyone. Just because people on the outside look happy and carefree doesn’t mean they aren’t dying on the inside.