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Temptation by K.M. Scott

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 312

Series: Club X #1

Rating: 3.5

Review: Olivia is in a few months debt, when her friend Jake helps her land a job at Club X. Olivia is to be the assistant to Cassian March, one of the owners of Club X. His two brothers, Stefan and Kane, help run everything. Club X helps people live out their fantasies while being a night club too.


The catch is you have to be a member. Olivia gets to be a member, because she is a higher employee, for free. Her friends talk her into going up to the fantasy rooms (Kane’s domain) and live a little. Well she does. She is told to put on a blindfold. Her fantasy is to not be in control. Her guy to live out the fantasy, is none other than her boss, Cassian.


After a few weeks of the fantasy in the basic package, she decides she wants to step it up to the Gold package. One problem! She knows it Cassian but he wants her to admit it.

OHHHHHH this story was good. I wouldn’t mind being in that fantasy room with Cassian. Sitting there like…

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The story is told from both P.O.V.s in first person. (I’m getting a lot of those.) I didn’t fall in love with Cassian but I did fall in lust. (I did fall for Kane. Can’t wait to read his book.) It wasn’t as serious as some books have been but it wasn’t totally uplifting either. Just another one of “Hey, You two. Yeah you! Just fuck each other already.” But still I loved it. I do need to learn better patience. The wait is good at times.