Book Reviews

All Fired Up by Vivan Arend and Elle Kennedy

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 292

Series: DreamMakers #1

Rating: 2.5

Review: We meet our hero, Parker, at his business DreamMakers. He and his two friends from the Rangers help men set up the most romantic dates. Parker and Dean (one of the sexy Rangers) are with a client Phil who knows nothing about the girl he has been dating for the last 5 months. (Major douchebag). Dean and Parker realize that they have to go on recon to find out anything about this girl so they can set up the perfect date. Parker makes the move first by joining our heroine, Lynn’s yoga class. He is immediatly attracted to Lynn. He’s kind of pissed off because he has to help set up a date for Captain Douche with Lynn.

The next recon Dean and Parker go into the bar Lynn and her best friend, Suz, just went to have drinks. They soon find out that Lynn dumped Phil.

Warning there is a sexy, steamy, threesome scene. The story is told mostly through the hero and heroine P.O.V. in third person, but sometimes it will have Jack, Dean or Suz’s P.O.V. At first I was like wow, this is going to be good.


But then it got boring, quickly. The ending was mediocre to me at best. after the threesome the story just went down, down, down till it hit the bottom of the canyon.


The romance wasn’t really there for me. I didn’t fall in love with our hero. I didn’t really like the heroine all that much either. It just fell flat to me. There wasn’t any chemistry or if there was it was like junior high chemistry (it doesn’t exist). Well I don’t think I’ll read the next book.