Book Reviews

City in Embers by Stacey Marie Brown

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 458

Series: Collector #1

Rating: 4.2 little human stars.

Review: Zoey has been in foster care all her life, but something about her was different from everyone else. It was her sight. She had the sight to see the Fae. When she was recruited by the DMG, she got paired up with Daniel. He was twenty years older than her but that didn’t stop her from having a crush. (EW! To me if the guy is old enough to be your dad, you shouldn’t have a crush. But that is just me.) Zoey is still residing in a foster care home only because she makes money and helps take care of Lexie, the other foster child. Lexie is disabled and stuck in a wheel chair. Zoey counts her as her actually sister.

Zoey leaves on a mission with Daniel. It doesn’t turn out well. They run into a viking fae with a fae woman. Some bad events go down. Some how Zoey gets the viking, Ryker’s, powers. She is then being hunted by DMG. Ryker only wants her alive so he can get his powers back so he can go and save his fae woman. Zoey and Ryker must get through Seattle safely. With the electrical storm knocking out all the power and the city in ruins, gangs are taking over. Ryker’s main mission is to get his powers back then go and get his woman back from Garrett. Zoey unforunatly has no where else to go so she has to tag along with Ryker. Before she left the DMG, Zoey saved a little sprite by the name of Sprig. Sprig looks like a Capuchin monkey. (I kept picturing Zini off of Dinosaur as Sprig.)

I absolutely love Sprig. He is the best comedy relief I have ever read. (This little monkey knows about blue balls and jokes about it. Ha!) He was my favorite. At first I thought the story was a little boring. Well the first 50% of it was to me. After a mystery involving Daniel came up the story started to get interesting. Plus I would have continued to read the rest of the series due to Sprig. (I want him inside my purse everyday to cheer me up.) The writing was pretty good. Can’t wait to read the second book. When I can get it that is.