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Stricken Desire by S.K. Logsdon

My Edition: Kindle

Pages: 262

Series: Stricken Rock book #1

Rating: 3.5

review: Emily is asked by her best friend Stacey (it’s a dude) to help manage the rock band Stricken. She agrees because she just lost her job and she needed the money. This story was a little weird. Jonathan knows he is in love with Emily already. (*eye roll*) This story was kind of a mess but I want to know what is going on with Emily and Jonathon. I was captivated. I did have higher hopes for this book but it wasn’t too bad. The fact that I couldn’t put it down for some reason is why I gave it a 3.5 than a 2.5. About half way through Logsdon had random words bold through a couple chapters. Don’t really know what went on there but it wasn’t even words that should have been bold in the first place. I didn’t like the fact that Logsdon had a pregnant woman have sex with another woman as a one night stand and her first woman in a restaurant bathroom. But what really sucks is that she left on a cliff hanger.



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