Book Reviews

Ravage Me by Ryan Michele

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 270

Series: Ravage MC Book 1

Rating: 3.5

Review: Harlow or “Princess” starts the book off with her in prison. She is getting out and back to the MC. He father is the VP of Ravage MC. Her brother is also patched in. The MC is what she grew up with and it is what she knows. She meets a few of the new guys when she gets to the club house including one of the new brothers Cruz. Cruz wants her but Harlow has one rule: No sexual relations with the brothers.

Cruz does not like that idea. He already puts a claim on her with a prospect which Harlow does not take to kindly. With the woman who put Harlow in prison is out to get her, Harlow needs to have a brother with her all the time. The first brother to ride with her is Cruz. Cruz is finding out why all the brothers would do anything for her. He’s also finding out that he would do the same.

At first I liked Harlow but then she kind of got annoying. When a guy like Cruz comes in you life and he wants you, take him.  Thankfully I didn’t have to wait long for Harlow to come to her senses.  The story was told in Harlow and in Cruz’s P.O.V. The writing had a lot of grammar errors and some issues with the dialogue. Sometimes the characters sounded like they weren’t educated and talked like back-wooded hillbillies. The plot was good enough to keep me going through the book. I wouldn’t say I dislike the story. I am not entirely wowed by the plot.