Book Reviews

The Killing Moon by V.J. Chambers

My edition: kindle

Pages: 315

Series: Cole and Dana #1


Review: The story starts off with Dana on her first case back at the Sullivan Foundation. Dana had just gotten back after Cole Randell had tortured her.  The M.C.s went to school together. They were both turned on the same night when they were locked in a gymnasium when two werewolves attacked.

Dana is a wolf tracker. Cole is a wolf serial murder. Dana is having some major Stockholm Syndrome. But Dana doesn’t think it is her case is similar. Plus it doesn’t help when Dana had a crush on Cole before the incident.The story did back and forth between 6 months ago (when she was kidnapped and held by Cole) and present.

Cole is connected with her. He tried to kill her but he couldn’t. He did make her shift. She is trying to do anything that will get Cole out of her mind. Even if it means going and seeing Cole.

The writing was good. I have to say I’m in a huge argument with myself. Cole is the alpha male. Literally. He has this weird charisma that draws Dana (and me) to him. But he tried to kill Dana. Several times he tried. Dana is still attracted to him. She wants to be with him but she fights it. She feels disgusted with herself for wanting the man who held her captive and tried to kill her many times. Yet he is irresistible. I want her to be like “Cole take me now.” but at the same time I’m with Dana “It’s wrong. He chained her up in the basement.” So I am arguing with myself on what side I want to be on. This really tested my mind and made me almost have Stockholm Syndrome because Cole captured my mind. (I know lame but had to put it in there.) I don’t think I will win against myself on this one.