Book Reviews

Pulse by Kailin Gow

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 220

Series: Pulse #1

Rating: 3 life’s blood stars

Review: Contains spoilers!

I’m very skeptical of this book. There seemed to be ideas that are to closely linked to another book. But the story was a little different.

Same Ideas-

  1. Two brothers that argue a lot. One is good while the other is bad.
  2. They wear rings to go out into daylight
  3. They like the same girl. (Lot of stories with that though.)

Different ideas:

  1. The girl can restore a vampire to human. (Only if she loves him and is still a virgin. She has to give blood willingly)
  2. Her blood is known as “Life’s blood”
  3. There is a priest vampire who can make wine into blood. He is the only Vampire who can do this.

I’m pretty much on the fence with this book.

So Kalina has Life’s blood through her veins. Every vampire wants her. Her blood taken unwillingly can make the vampire  powerful and very evil. If taken willingly with love it will make the vampire human. Kalina only just found this out. When her boyfriend Aaron turns up dead she doesn’t think she could ever move on, feeling entirely responsible for his death. When Aaron’s two half brothers show up Kalina’s world turns upside down.She learns that vampires are real and want her. Not just any vampire either. Octavius, (yeah the famous Octavius who was during Caesar’s time) wants Kalina to be his servant. Eww. Really old dude. Eck. All the while Kalina, Stuart, and Jaeger are looking for Aaron’s killers.

The story was a little meh. It wasn’t exciting yet it wasn’t a totally snooze fest. The flow was at a decent pace. I’m not big fan of brother love triangles so that kind of killed the little romance there was in this book. Of course there is a big cliff hanger at the end. I would say I do like this story enough to get the second book.