Book Reviews

Incandescent by River Savage

my edition: Kindle

Pages: 292

Series: Knights Rebel MC #1


Review: Kadence is waiting on a student’s mother to come in for a discipline meeting. She got his father instead. Nix is the leader to the town’s MC Knights Rebel. She is attracted to him right away. She hasn’t been attracted to anyone since the fire.

Nix didn’t expect his son’s teacher to be attractive as she was. He wants her for himself. Nix also knows that women like Kadence don’t normally go for guys like him. But he wants the chase. He like the chase.

This story was good. It had a plot unlike the last two books I read. (But those were short stories that I didn’t really review because I couldn’t have told what was going on.) I wish there was more of the relationship between Nix and Zayden. I would love to have seen that more than what was shown. I understand there for a little bit that Kadence didn’t want Z to know what was going on but I mean I would still like the whole dad thing. (Nothing sexier that a man who is a great dad.) He seemed like a great father. There were some pretty hot scenes. I liked Kadence because she can be a figure who has scars but is still beautiful. She does fight with confidence but some times it does take someone or something to make you feel beautiful. Not necessarily a man.