Book Reviews

Bully by Penelope Douglas

My edition: Kindle


Series: Fall away book 1

Rating: between a 3.75 and 4 stars. (trying to make up my mind.)

Review: Tate use to be best friends with the boy next door. Until he came back one summer and he was changed. He began to bully her. She loved him but he was a gigantic ass to her. For her junior year she goes to France then she comes back for senior year. She decides that she isn’t going to just sit around and take Jared’s bullying anymore.

This was a good story. I’m still trying to fully analyze my thoughts even though I finished this book last Friday. I am on the fence. If it was me personally I would have punch Jared more than once. He deserves it after everything he did to Tate. The guy needs to do some major ass kissing. For me Madoc was my favorite. He was just to adorable to me. To me it seemed weird that everyone seemed to have everyone’s phone number. I remember not everyone had my number at high school and I graduated with a class of 45.  I wish I could just get my head wrapped around this book so I can have an actually rating.