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Into the Woods staring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, and more big stars.

Okay so this movie combines a lot of fairy tales into one. I was so excited to sit down and watch this. When I first saw the commercial and saw Johnny Depp, “I was like yep. I’m watching it.” Well my fiance (Y) and I went to Redbox and rented it for date night. I was excited. I almost started bouncing up and down in my seat. We got home, settled into the couch, and pressed play…


Movie: The movie is about all the fairy tales wrapped into one. A baker and his wife want a baby but they find out that the family was cursed due to the Baker’s father stealing beans out of a witch’s garden. They can reverse the curse if they get these enchanted items. The items are red cloak (Red Riding Hood), golden hair (Rapunzel), cow white as milk (Jack and the bean stalk), and a golden slipper (somehow Cinderella). If they get all these item to the witch (who cannot touch these items) the spell will be broken.

My opinion: This was the biggest disappointment. Like ever. Too much singing even for Disney. Way too much. Johnny Depp had like three to five minutes in the whole movie. The song he sang was horrible too. He looked like and sounded like a pedophile more than a wolf. (Biggest disappointment of the movie) All my friends were saying how they loved this movie. Why?? Prince Charming was a bigger idiot than in the book. (Like seriously you can’t tell the face you were looking at all night apart from other girls?) The hype around this movie made it seem so much better than it actually was. I thought the movie was over to find out that the giant’s wife was mad as ever and want Jack’s life. So the movie then continued.  I wanted to scream in frustration. Y left half way through just to go do something else, hence leaving me to deal with the rest of the movie alone. I just wanted everyone to stop singing. Oh spoiler alert. The baker’s wife and Prince charming cheat together after Charming is married to Cinderella for more then a few hours.

Rating: 3 out of 10



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6 thoughts on “Into the Woods staring Meryl Streep, Emily Blunt, Anna Kendrick, and more big stars.

  1. It was bad for me. It feels like childish and at the same time, not suitable for children because some things are kinda mature for them.. I really got annoyed with the Prince Charming and whatever did happen to Rapunzel? I feel like it was cut too early and ending feels too abrupt for me..

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