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Fighting Silence by Aly Martinez

My edition: kindle


Series: On The Ropes



My wildest fantasy.

This is my reality.

Fighting Silence hit a little close to home with me. I’m not gonna say why due to the fact I would be giving away a huge spoiler. This book had the same affect Still Alice by Lisa Genova did on me. I had to put it down a few times and breath. Till and Eliza are the cutest ever. I got drawn in and I had to force myself to not have a panic attack. Flint and Quarry have competely stolen my heart. I just want to hug them to me and comfort them. This story takes on two P.O.V. Eliza and Till’s most of the time. There is a P.O.V. from Quarry and from Flint. Till though just needed to pull his head out of his ass sometimes. Seriously Eliza wasn’t going anywhere so why did he have to push her away at times. Luckily she is a stubborn one and didn’t give up on Till. I love the fact she told Till how it is at times he needed it. Now for the next book which is Flint’s story.





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