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Letting Go by Jennifer Foor

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 335

Series: Mitchell Family

Rating: 4.75 stars

What it’s about:

Savanna has been in a long relationship with Tyler Mitchell. When she decides she needs a break he doesn’t take it very well. Tyler is at a party when he decides to go after Savanna. He gets into an accident. Everyone blames Savanna for Tyler’s accident. She visits him every day at the hospital never leaving his side. Slowly she is growing dead inside. Until Colt Mitchell comes to help.

Review: Okay can we please put the blame where it belongs. Tyler drove drunk. It was his fault that he was in the accident. Savanna didn’t make Tyler drive. So now that I’ve said that, I loved this story. Colt knew exactly what Tyler was. While his parents thought that he was a perfect angel and Savanna was the devil’s whore (okay not that extreme but close enough) Colt knew that Tyler was an egotistical asshole. I normally hate when people are in a bad situation but Tyler got what he deserved. It opened up his eyes and showed him that you can’t treat women the way he does because the will end up leaving. Foor did a great job on keeping it interesting and the book flowed nice.



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