Book Reviews

Fallen Crest High by Tijan

My edition: Kindle

Series: Fallen Crest High

Pages: 370

Rating 4

Review: Sam comes home to find boxes packed and her mom drunk. She has been told that her mom found someone else and that her and Sam will be moving out. Well actually her mom said that Sam’s dad kicked both of them out. Sam is thrown. She finds out that her new step family are the bad boys of the town. Mason and Logan stay away from Sam which she is fine with, until the night she has a fight with her mom. After that Mason and Logan take her under their wing. Not to mention when she finds out about her mom’s new boyfriend she finds that her boyfriend of three years has been cheating on her with her “best” friend. Poor Sam can’t catch a break. It wasn’t a bad story. I liked it. It was funny in some places. Logan would have to be my favorite.

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