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Broken Hart by Ella Fox

My edition: Kindle

Series: The Hart Family


Rating: 4 stars

Review: Well this book at first seemed like sex, sex, and more sex. Dante is also apparently hung like Seabiscuit not the words in the book but that is what it sound like to me. Seriously ow! Come on authors not all men have enormously large penises.Sabrina went to work for Dante, since that day they have been best friends. They also have wanted each other from the start. But Dante doesn’t want a relationship. So they decide to just be friends with benefits. (Bad idea! It never works out like that.) So it was no surprise when Sabrina realized she was in love with him. She tries to convince Dante that they are worth the fight. The story was good just a lot of sex and an enormous penis.



Lover of books and movies. Goodreads reviewer. Animal lover. I write my honest opinion on here. I don't lie about my look on a book. I'm not mean and tearing a book or the author down. I'm completely honest.

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