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Six by Hilary Storm

My edition: Kindle

Rating: 4

Review: So the beginning was hard to read. It was really messed up. Blade, real name Evan, saved a six year old girl from being raped in an alley. Fifteen years later her runs into her again. She is bar tending for the club right next to his MC club house. He finds out that she is best friends with his sister who he just got back into his life after she was taken away by social services. But someone is after Tori aka Six. Blade is willing to do anything to protect his sister and Tori. I really liked this story even though bits were hard to read. I really hope this is a series and there will be a book about Piper and Switch.

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Fallen Crest High by Tijan

My edition: Kindle

Series: Fallen Crest High

Pages: 370

Rating 4

Review: Sam comes home to find boxes packed and her mom drunk. She has been told that her mom found someone else and that her and Sam will be moving out. Well actually her mom said that Sam’s dad kicked both of them out. Sam is thrown. She finds out that her new step family are the bad boys of the town. Mason and Logan stay away from Sam which she is fine with, until the night she has a fight with her mom. After that Mason and Logan take her under their wing. Not to mention when she finds out about her mom’s new boyfriend she finds that her boyfriend of three years has been cheating on her with her “best” friend. Poor Sam can’t catch a break. It wasn’t a bad story. I liked it. It was funny in some places. Logan would have to be my favorite.

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Broken Hart by Ella Fox

My edition: Kindle

Series: The Hart Family


Rating: 4 stars

Review: Well this book at first seemed like sex, sex, and more sex. Dante is also apparently hung like Seabiscuit not the words in the book but that is what it sound like to me. Seriously ow! Come on authors not all men have enormously large penises.Sabrina went to work for Dante, since that day they have been best friends. They also have wanted each other from the start. But Dante doesn’t want a relationship. So they decide to just be friends with benefits. (Bad idea! It never works out like that.) So it was no surprise when Sabrina realized she was in love with him. She tries to convince Dante that they are worth the fight. The story was good just a lot of sex and an enormous penis.

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Take Me by T.A. Grey

My edition: Kindle

Series: The Untouchables

Rating: 3.25 stars out of 5

Review: Dominic was suppose to bond with another blue-blood vampire. When he was going to met her instead he sees the event planner. from here the story is about Felicity resisting Dominic because she doesn’t want to be a mistress. Dominic only wants Juliana for his presidential campaign. (Kind of messed up to me.) Dominic tries to get Felicity no matter what happens. There is also a conflict between Dominic and the Alpha Zeke. I had to put this book down for a little bit just to clear my mind. I really don’t know how to feel about this book. At the end I explained to my fiance that it was interesting while kind of boring. Had a couple writing errors. The writing in general wasn’t one of my favorites.

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Letting Go by Jennifer Foor

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 335

Series: Mitchell Family

Rating: 4.75 stars

What it’s about:

Savanna has been in a long relationship with Tyler Mitchell. When she decides she needs a break he doesn’t take it very well. Tyler is at a party when he decides to go after Savanna. He gets into an accident. Everyone blames Savanna for Tyler’s accident. She visits him every day at the hospital never leaving his side. Slowly she is growing dead inside. Until Colt Mitchell comes to help.

Review: Okay can we please put the blame where it belongs. Tyler drove drunk. It was his fault that he was in the accident. Savanna didn’t make Tyler drive. So now that I’ve said that, I loved this story. Colt knew exactly what Tyler was. While his parents thought that he was a perfect angel and Savanna was the devil’s whore (okay not that extreme but close enough) Colt knew that Tyler was an egotistical asshole. I normally hate when people are in a bad situation but Tyler got what he deserved. It opened up his eyes and showed him that you can’t treat women the way he does because the will end up leaving. Foor did a great job on keeping it interesting and the book flowed nice.

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Tempted by Elizabeth Kelly

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 128

Series: Tempted book 1

Rating: 3 stars

What it’s about: Lucy works for Jason Young, a sexy man she is attracted to. Problem is that he gives her the cold shoulder and rides her butt at work. Lucy thinks Jason hates her and she sort of hates him too. But he doesn’t he is attracted to her as well. One night they are heading home when the elevator at work all of a sudden stops. A power outage hits the block. They are stuck together when they decide that the attraction is too much so they decide to act on it.

Review: Another boss and employee relationship. The story was okay. Nothing exciting went on for me. It seemed more like going through the motions. Lucy and Jason just didn’t really click inside my head. Nothing seemed to pop out to me and then all of a sudden it’s over. I don’t think I will be reading the second book.