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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! If you don’t celebrate Christmas then Happy Hanukkah. If not that then Happy Kwanzaa. If not that then Happy being a no holiday spirited dummy. (Yeah you are boring and a party pooper.)

I will not be on to write reviews for about a week and a half. I will be back on the 4th of January with a ton of reviews because I have over 60 books to read on my kindle.


Seriously not shitting you.

I will see you all then. Have a safe time with your families. God Bless. I’m out.

♣ Jay♠



Lover of books and movies. Goodreads reviewer. Animal lover. I write my honest opinion on here. I don't lie about my look on a book. I'm not mean and tearing a book or the author down. I'm completely honest.

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