Book Reviews

Fighting Temptation by K.C. Lynn

My edition: Kindle


Series:Men of Honor book 1

Rating: 5 hulk stars

My Review:

I love me a possessive sexy alpha man!!! And sweet Jesus that is what Jaxson is. He can lay his claim on me any day he wants. I loved this story. The sex scenes were AMAZING!!!! I love the friendship that they had. It took them a while and by them I mean Jaxson took dam near eight years to get his head out of his ass. There was a couple grammar errors but not to many. It was weird to have the main asshole of the story named Wyatt. That is my fiance’s name and it is was hard to picture anyone else but his face and it didn’t really fit. But damn Jaxson is everything. The man knows his way to dirty talk. There was one chapter that was extremely hard for me to read but thankful I got through it. Barely. Amazing story. Definitely on my reread list.




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