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Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas everyone! If you don’t celebrate Christmas then Happy Hanukkah. If not that then Happy Kwanzaa. If not that then Happy being a no holiday spirited dummy. (Yeah you are boring and a party pooper.)

I will not be on to write reviews for about a week and a half. I will be back on the 4th of January with a ton of reviews because I have over 60 books to read on my kindle.


Seriously not shitting you.

I will see you all then. Have a safe time with your families. God Bless. I’m out.

♣ Jay♠

Book Reviews

Fighting Temptation by K.C. Lynn

My edition: Kindle


Series:Men of Honor book 1

Rating: 5 hulk stars

My Review:

I love me a possessive sexy alpha man!!! And sweet Jesus that is what Jaxson is. He can lay his claim on me any day he wants. I loved this story. The sex scenes were AMAZING!!!! I love the friendship that they had. It took them a while and by them I mean Jaxson took dam near eight years to get his head out of his ass. There was a couple grammar errors but not to many. It was weird to have the main asshole of the story named Wyatt. That is my fiance’s name and it is was hard to picture anyone else but his face and it didn’t really fit. But damn Jaxson is everything. The man knows his way to dirty talk. There was one chapter that was extremely hard for me to read but thankful I got through it. Barely. Amazing story. Definitely on my reread list.




Book Reviews

Sometimes Never By Cheryl McIntyre

My edition: Kindle

Pages: 482

Series: Sometimes Never book 1

Rating: 3 solid stars

What book is about:

Mason is going to a new school. He sees this girl he thinks is the most beautiful girl in the world. Hope doesn’t like any relationship or getting to close to anyone till Mason. There is something about him that makes her feel different from other girls. Hope is what she calls broken. Well she’s right. Mason is also broken. They just have different addictions to help make the pain go away.

My Review:

The book is told from two views, Mason and Hope. When I read through Mason’s P.O.V. I’m not as irritated as when I read through Hope’s. I don’t know what it is about Hope that I don’t like. Maybe it’s because she kind of seems petty. At the beginning I really got sad when I would look to see where I’m at in a book and see that I wasn’t even close to halfway. The book has me on the fence. Hope is a control freak. Mason calls her on it right away. It was a pretty good story. Even though after I found out what happened to Hope I still can’t get past the not liking her. I don’t know what it is. It’s kind of annoying that I can’t pin point it. Mason is a sweetheart and I wouldn’t mind him being my skittles.

Book Reviews

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J. K.Rowling

It is over. The last book in one of the most wonderful series that I have read and re-read.

Most of what I want to say will ruin the whole book to someone who hasn’t read it. I really don’t want to do that. This was the most emotional, heart-breaking read. So much happens that makes me sit back and take a deep breath. I can’t believe that it is actually over. No more books.

Harry Potter is the best adventure and I can’t wait to relive it once again.



Book Reviews

Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince by J.K. Rowling

Times are darker than before.

Cornelius Fudge has been demoted from Minister of Magic. The ministry is sending out letters of ways to protect houses. Non-magic (muggles) and magic people are turning up dead. For two weeks Harry has to stay with the Dursleys. Dumbledore then escorts him first to meet Professor Slughorn then to the burrows. At the burrows Fleur De Lacour is engaged to Bill Weasley. Tonks is acting unusual, more sad.

When they go to Diagon Alley. Fred and George’s joke shop is booming as ever. Harry, Ron, and Hermione notice Draco alone walking into Knockturn Alley. They follow him to Borgin and Burks. Harry is wondering if Draco is now a death eater.

At the time during Hogwarts Dumbledore is showing memories to Harry. Memories containing bits of information about Voldemort. The most important memory Harry has to get from Professor Slughorn.  Harry also has a potions book that was written in by someone named the Half-blood Prince. Harry excels in potions with this book which makes Hermione mad.

The end Harry loses yet another person close to him. Then he realizes that when he and Voldemort stand off he is the one that must finish Voldemort off.