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Revenge of the Nerds Starring Robert Carradine and Anthony Edwards


Well this was on HBO so I recorded it. I then watched it this last Saturday and well can we give it up to the 80’s movies. Most of my favorites were made in the 80’s.


The story follows Lewis (Carradine) and Gilbert (Edwards) and their band of misfits who are freshman in college. They are kicked out  of the freshman dorm due to the Alpha Beta fraternity burning their house down. The band of misfits have to take residence in the gym. Due to the housing situation the college is allowing fraternities to accept freshman. Well none of the fraternities picked them. They set out to find a house of their own which they find one. It’s not the best but they fix it up. Lewis and Gilbert want to make it a fraternity. They become a chapter of Lambda Lambda Lambda. They go against the Alpha Betas in the homecoming carnival.

My opinion:

This was a funny movie. A little too many boob scenes for my taste. Lamar was probably my favorite character because he was just so funny. This movie was a classic smarts outwits brawn. The nerd gets the cheerleader. Which Lewis was kind of creepy to me. He seemed a little stalkerish. It wasn’t a total let down. It had its moments.

Rating 7 out of 10

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