Movie Reviews

Silver Linings Playbook Starring Bradley Cooper & Jennifer Lawrence

This is one of my fiance’s favorite movies. I’m still trying to get my head around it.

Okay let me start with what this movie is about. It follows a man who has just been released out of a mental hospital. He was sent there due to coming home and finding his wife in the shower with another man. He beat the guy up pretty bad. Well he comes home to his parents house in Philadelphia. He ends up meeting a woman by the name of Tiffany who is about as crazy as can be. She is also a slut. (Literally she lost her job over it.) She doesn’t regret it either. Not something someone becomes after their spouse dies but hey her life. Well the man, Pat, wants to talk to his wife but he can’t due to a restraining order. Tiffany says she’ll give the letter to her only if Pat does something in return. Tiffany wants to do this dance contest but she needs a partner.  Well he agrees to be her dance partner.

Now my opinion on this is that the whole movie was just straight up weird. Really? Lawrence’s character is just a messed up person. Cooper’s isn’t all that great but he at least went to a mental hospital. It was just hard for me to follow. So many things were happening that I lost track of what this movie was presenting. I didn’t understand the plot if there was plot. Mostly this movie was football, dance contest, and Pat’s obsession with his wife.

Rating a 5 star out of 10.

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