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Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs

This is the third book in the Temperance Brennan series.

Rating 3 big biker gangs stars out of 5.

Tempe is in Virginia at the beginning of the book. She is immediately called back to Montreal to identify the remains of two bikers who were blown up on their way to blow up a club. (confusing story) She meets Quickwater who puts Claudel to shame on being arrogant. He also happens to be Claudel’s new partner. (Of course Brennan and Claudel don’t get along.)

Tempe is pulled into a OMC Outlaw Motorcycle Club investigation.  This is mainly a war between the Hell’s Angels and the Outlaws. They are using smaller chapters to do their deeds. One is the Vipers. The investigation leads them to the Vipers club house where two bodies are found along with a skull and two long bones..

During all of this Tempe’s nephew Kit is visiting her and Ryan has been arrested for drug trafficking.

Reichs had a few writing problems in this one. When Quickwater visits Tempe’s office when Reichs has him leave instead of say he left she said they left. (I reread several times to make sure I didn’t miss a person. I didn’t) She also had a few spelling issues. On one she spelled Bandidos wrong on page 133. She accidentally puts a t in bandidos.

This one wasn’t as suspenseful or mysterious as the first two. Even though it wasn’t as great I still liked it but just not as much. The spelling errors really got annoying. I think it was due to the simplicity of the errors that an editor should have caught.



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