Book Reviews

Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

This is the book series that the T.V. show True Blood is based on. My mamma won’t leave me alone until I read this series. She has already made me watch all of the T.V. series which I am not afraid to admit that I got hooked on it. (Eric Northman is to blame.)

In the beginning it was much like the show. I really do like when shows try to stick closer to the book. Sooki though like in the show isn’t quite the brightest. Even though she hasn’t had a boyfriend she is kind of stuck up. Just a little bit. Sort of annoying really.

There really wasn’t much difference to the story than ¬†what I have already heard from my mamma. Sooki was just as annoying as she was in the T.V. series. Of course like many movies/shows differ from the book this one is not any different. Sooki again isn’t quite the brightest. much of an idiot really. But wasn’t to bad. The writing wasn’t all that horrible either.