Book Reviews

Velocity by Dean Koontz

Another horror/thriller author that I love to read. Again it is horror/thriller time of the year so Koontz is perfect for the occasion.

Now reading this I was getting a little bored. It wasn’t quite the thriller I thought it was going to be. It’s definitely not my favorite writing from Koontz. He tended to explain certain events or objects that really didn’t belong to the story. He also made a character, Lanny, who didn’t seem to be the brightest cop in the Napa Valley. The story just wasn’t a full hooray for me.

The psychology game the killer played is what saved this book from a two star rating. I may just be spoiled from his other books to not full enjoy his writing in this one. Either way this was kind of a let down. I hope my next book by him isn’t like this.