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Deadly Decisions by Kathy Reichs

This is the third book in the Temperance Brennan series.

Rating 3 big biker gangs stars out of 5.

Tempe is in Virginia at the beginning of the book. She is immediately called back to Montreal to identify the remains of two bikers who were blown up on their way to blow up a club. (confusing story) She meets Quickwater who puts Claudel to shame on being arrogant. He also happens to be Claudel’s new partner. (Of course Brennan and Claudel don’t get along.)

Tempe is pulled into a OMC Outlaw Motorcycle Club investigation.  This is mainly a war between the Hell’s Angels and the Outlaws. They are using smaller chapters to do their deeds. One is the Vipers. The investigation leads them to the Vipers club house where two bodies are found along with a skull and two long bones..

During all of this Tempe’s nephew Kit is visiting her and Ryan has been arrested for drug trafficking.

Reichs had a few writing problems in this one. When Quickwater visits Tempe’s office when Reichs has him leave instead of say he left she said they left. (I reread several times to make sure I didn’t miss a person. I didn’t) She also had a few spelling issues. On one she spelled Bandidos wrong on page 133. She accidentally puts a t in bandidos.

This one wasn’t as suspenseful or mysterious as the first two. Even though it wasn’t as great I still liked it but just not as much. The spelling errors really got annoying. I think it was due to the simplicity of the errors that an editor should have caught.

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Dead Until Dark by Charlaine Harris

This is the book series that the T.V. show True Blood is based on. My mamma won’t leave me alone until I read this series. She has already made me watch all of the T.V. series which I am not afraid to admit that I got hooked on it. (Eric Northman is to blame.)

In the beginning it was much like the show. I really do like when shows try to stick closer to the book. Sooki though like in the show isn’t quite the brightest. Even though she hasn’t had a boyfriend she is kind of stuck up. Just a little bit. Sort of annoying really.

There really wasn’t much difference to the story than  what I have already heard from my mamma. Sooki was just as annoying as she was in the T.V. series. Of course like many movies/shows differ from the book this one is not any different. Sooki again isn’t quite the brightest. much of an idiot really. But wasn’t to bad. The writing wasn’t all that horrible either.

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The Surgeon by Tess Gerritsen

Figures I pick out another book that has a T.V. show based on it. This one is Rizzoli and Isles. I have never watched the show but I have heard that it is good.

Rating 4 chair gripping stars out of 5

Even though the series is called Rizzoli and Isles, Rizzoli isn’t the main character and Isles is… Thomas Moore is the detective that is followed through the book than Rizzoli. She is a main character but not as main as Moore. The book follows Moore and Dr. Catherine Cordell.

A killer is loose in Boston. He straps his victims to their bed then does surgery on their stomach removing the uterus, (sick man) the slashes the throat open. Killings like this have happened before in Georgia. Dr Cordell was a victim when she lived down in Georgia. The problem the police are having is that Cordell killed her attacker. After the investigation she left to Boston. Two years later killings just like the one in Georgia are happening again.

The killer has to be someone who is able to get into police records because of the details of what Capra (the man Cordell murdered) did with his victims. But to me when Cordell let Capra into her home and offered him beer all I can think is, “are you stupid?”

Rizzoli is a bit uptight. One thing though she says some funny stuff.

“When does she begin to levitate?”

Halfway through I thought I had it figured out then Gerritsen switched it around with a twist and I had no idea who it was. I really like that in a mystery. I do recommend this book for mystery lovers.

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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling

This is probably my least favorite. Even though another favorite character is introduced I still don’t like this one as much.

Harry ends up using magic on his Uncle’s sister Marge. He ends up running away to Diagon Alley. He learns of the “person” who turned his parents of to the dark lord. Sirius Black. Black has just escaped from Azkaban. He is the first wizard to do it. The dementors, black cloaked, soulless, and faceless, are after him. The board the Hogwarts Express. Harry, Ron, and Hermione have their first encounter with them.

I wouldn’t want to have a dementor after me. Throughout the school year Harry is trying to stay out of trouble while he knows Sirius is coming for him. He is given one of the most important piece he could ever have, the Marauder’s map.

Out of all the books this movie is probably the furthest from the book.


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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J.K. Rowling

This is the second book of the series Harry Potter. In this one we meet one of my favorite characters (besides Fred and George) Dobby. Oh how I do love that little house elf. Dobby has come to warn “Harry Potter must not go back to Hogwarts this year.” Dobby knows something terrible is about to happen this year but he won’t tell Harry what or who is doing it.

The Dursleys are yet again treating Harry poorly. They are a little frighten of him due to him being able to do magic. After the incident with Dobby they don’t let him leave his room and they put bars on his window. Ron, George, and Fred come to the rescue in their dad’s flying car. They bring him back to the Burrows where they live. The boys get in trouble with Mrs. Weasley. Well not Harry but the others do.

Ginny, Weasley’s youngest, is going to Hogwarts for her first year. She as well as the other Weasleys gets sorted into Gryffindor. Ginny isn’t the only new one to the school. Due to Professor Quirrell not being able to “return” Gilderoy Lockhart will be the new defense against the dark arts teacher. (Which Snape did not get again. *Snicker*) Gilderoy Lockhart has the biggest ego ever. He is always comparing Harry to him. (Harry is actually good at magic though) Poor Harry. I think Lockhart is as use full as a dog in space.

Harry, Ron and Hermione come across a message. Soon everyone is in the hall from dinner being over. THE CHAMBER OF SECRETS HAS BEEN OPEN, ENEMIES OF THE HEIR BEWARE!


Harry and Ron go on deep into the forest and deep under the school to unlock what is in the Chamber. Most think Harry is the heir of Slytherin. Fifty years before this the chamber was opened and a muggle born had died. The blame was pointed on Hagrid. Even though there was no proof but Tom Riddle’s word Hargid’s wand got broken and he is no longer allowed to do magic unless emergency. Who really opened the chamber of secrets fifty years ago? Who has opened them now? Read and find out.

Another wonderful book by J.K. Rowling.

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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

For many who know me will tell you that I am a huge Harry Potter fan!! My grandmother on my father’s side had mentioned she had a new book she was reading. That is when I discovered the world Jo Rowling had written. I have read all the books and seen all the movies. I also have a pottermore account. I am rereading the Harry Potter series again to write reviews of it.

Harry Potter born July 31st was a year old when he was left on the door step of his aunt and uncle Dursleys’ house. His parents, Lily and James, were killed by Lord Voldemort. Harry is tormented by the Dursleys until his eleventh birthday when he finds out that he is a wizard.

Harry has been accepted to the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. This awesome journey begins. Harry meets Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger on the Hogwarts Express.


Harry gets sorted into Gryfinndor along with Ron and Hermione. All of Ron’s family have been in Gryfinndor. He has his older brother Percy who was a prefect for Gryfinndor and then his other older brothers who are twins, Fred and George, they are on the Gryfinndor Quiddich team. (Which Harry becomes the youngest seeker on the team in 100 years)

Harry, Ron and Hermione stumble across a floor they shouldn’t be on. It sends them on a chase to see what a certain three-headed dog is guarding and what Professor Snape is up too.

This book series is on of my favorites and forever will be one of my favorites. Every time I read a book or watch a movie of this series it feels like I have my grandmother with me again.

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Velocity by Dean Koontz

Another horror/thriller author that I love to read. Again it is horror/thriller time of the year so Koontz is perfect for the occasion.

Now reading this I was getting a little bored. It wasn’t quite the thriller I thought it was going to be. It’s definitely not my favorite writing from Koontz. He tended to explain certain events or objects that really didn’t belong to the story. He also made a character, Lanny, who didn’t seem to be the brightest cop in the Napa Valley. The story just wasn’t a full hooray for me.

The psychology game the killer played is what saved this book from a two star rating. I may just be spoiled from his other books to not full enjoy his writing in this one. Either way this was kind of a let down. I hope my next book by him isn’t like this.

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Midnight Voices by John Saul.

I have read two other John Saul books. He has fabulous writing. One book I did not like due to it being very scary and giving me nightmares while the other I simply enjoyed. Since October is coming up and I am starting into my horror/thriller stage of the year I decided to read another book by him. I went to the library, searched his section, and come out with this book.

This book has two parts. They all start with a nightmare.

The first nightmare! The first part. We meet all of the characters in this one. Caroline and Tony seem to be what the story is going to evolve around. Caroline just lost her husband who was robbed in Central Park West. She has two children a girl, Laurie and a boy, Ryan. She is scared to let them go and be by themselves. Tony lives in the Rockwell building among a few other characters as well. Tony lost his wife and children but doesn’t say how in the first part. Caroline and Tony meet because of Irene (who also lives in the Rockwell). This part is short

The second nightmare! This part starts six months after Tony and Caroline meet. They are getting married. Ryan highly disapproves of Tony. Andrea, who is one of Caroline’s friends, is weary of Tony. She gets the creeps from the Rockwell for some reason she doesn’t know. She is also a social worker who happens to have one of her “kids” at the Rockwell. One of her co-workers, Nathan, looked up Tony for her. He found that Tony had an investment firm and was a golden boy. No debt no trouble, but he didn’t find anything on wife or kids. On record he didn’t have any wife or child. (Weird.) Alicia, who is Rebecca’s (Andrea’s foster kid) foster-mother, starts raising my what is going on flag. She is really strange. She doesn’t like Rebecca being out of her sight for to long. Rebecca seems to be sick, but with what? Tony starts showing a different side. It is with Ryan due to the fact Ryan states his dislike of Tony and or the place they are living in.

Something is different about the neighbors. They are all very old. Laurie starts having nightmares of the neighbors. She starts to feel creep-ed out by them. Ryan doesn’t like any of them. He just wants to go back to the old apartment they had when his dad was alive. Tony is now different. He seems to be the same as he was in the beginning but when he is around Ryan he changes. Ryan is getting in fights at school.

Ryan and Laurie are starting to be affected by the Rockwell and it’s residents. The elderly neighbors are seeming to change. Laurie seems to be getting weaker. Rebecca has disappeared. Ryan seems to be scared of all the residents. Laurie’s nightmares keep getting worse.

Saul takes on a terrifying journey through the creepy Rockwell. I did figure out what was going on half way through but the end was still a surprise to me. I wouldn’t have been able to guess it. The one thing I did not like was Chloe the dog. Why Chloe? What has the dog ever did to you?

Rating 4 creepy old people touches stars out of 5