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Hollowland (Hollows #1) by Amanda Hocking

I have read a few of Hocking’s work before and loved it. That series is fantastic. I tried not to put to much expectation on this book but it’s hard.

Rating 4 Green Blood everywhere stars out of 5

At first it was a little hard to get into. So far Zombies aren’t what we have seen in movies. The virus is a lot like rabies only worse. Zombies blood is also green. We start the story at a quarantine camp based in a school. The heroine Remy and her brother Max have been at the camp for two months or so. The base is being attacked by Zombies. What is different is the Zombies are moving in herds which is not normal in this story.

After Remy and two others escape from the quarantine, one of the three girls is attacked. Sommer had scratches down her arms. Remy didn’t want to risk it so her and Harlow left her in the desert. Remy and Harlow head north to find the other quarantine to find Remy’s brother. On their way they find a highway. On the highway a lion was chained to a back of a truck. They free the lion who tends to follow them.

They run into two boys, Blue and Lazlo. They decide to accompany the girls to the quarantine. On the way they stop at a house that is surrounded by tigers. The house is booming with electricty. They meet Korech (where is she coming up with all these crazy names) who is supposedable the “prophet of God” when really he is bonkers and is a cult master. They have a bomb shelter in the basement where a bunch of girls mostly in the teens are staying. Harlow doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with the picture but to Blue, Lazlo, and Remy it’s not exactly the Brady bunch. I think due to her age Harlow only being 13 (the other three are above the age of 18) she doesn’t see whats wrong. She sees help. Don’t drink the kool aid Harlow. Korech really creeps me out. During the first worship time, Lia, one of the girls kept stealing glances at Lazlo, which Korech noticed. After the worship, Korech takes Lia to his room for a private prayer which is creepy. They make an escape Lia and Vega two of the girls who were there decide to go with them. Don’t blame them.

They continue with their journey to get to the quarantine. I’m really starting to believe that Lazlo has a thing for Remy. Just the way he is around her it seems that he really likes her. Blue I haven’t quite figured out yet.

I loved Hocking’s other series My Blood Approves. This series I do like it a bit. I’m still on the fence. I do love her writing though.

Jay ♣