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Objection (Legal Affairs #1) By Sawyer Bennentt

Rating 3.5 oh damn stars out of 5

Objection is a novella based on McKayla who is a lawyer just coming out of grad school. She let’s her friend talk her into a web site called One Night only. She has a date with Number 134. She has an amazing night. Her boss calls her the next day to inform her that the company was bought by Connover and Crown, a big legal office. On her first day she walks in to meet her new boss Matt Connover who turns out to be none other than Number 134.

It was a hot short story. I didn’t mind it. It was a little funny in spots but it was a little on the meh side. I will read the second book but if it is like this one then I probably won’t continue on with the series.



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