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Crush by Lacey Weatherford

Rating 4.5 OMG that just happened stars out of 5

He’s a pot head with a secret.


She’s a nerd by association.



He’s her best friend in love with her.

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They are attracted to each other but they won’t admit it. A little cliche to be honest. To make the cliche even more is that Cami’s best friend Clay likes her. Even her mother noticed it.

Clay even changed his entire look to see if he could get Cami to become attracted to him. But sadly that wasn’t the case. He wasn’t the same Clay she knew and that started tense between them. (Guys don’t change like this please. It makes things awkward.)

Hunter noticed Cami looking very uncomfortable with Clay so he did what he could to help her escape, he asked her out. There is something that Hunter is hiding. In the book we get both POV in first person. Weatherford hints that Hunter isn’t the typical student but you don’t find out till later what it is he is hiding. After the first date Hunter is in big trouble. He is falling for Cami. Even bigger trouble, Cami is falling for him too.

Hunter is of legal age but it does not tell how old he really is. Cami it says is seventeen and Hunter is old enough to not be touchy with her because he could get into some serious trouble. I do love the teasing Hunter gives Cami. It’s cute and innocent. What a lot of girls dream a guy doing to them.

Hunter and Cami start to date and Clay does not like this at all. Cami decides that they need to spend some time apart so Clay can cool down. Clay however doesn’t want that. He starts to get a little scary. He told Cami that she was his and that he would be waiting till she saw how much he loved her. Clay is a bit scary. He seems too possessive. Girls do like guys that are a lit over protective but not like this. He is the scary kind that doesn’t seem to want to share with the world.

I was captivated by this book. I liked the flow. The talk seemed a little too old for supposed teenagers but I still love this. It seems like this may be a new guilty pleasure of mine. I can’t wait till pay day and I can buy me the second book. Next Tuesday doesn’t seem like it is coming fast enough.