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Sold To the Sheikh by Chloe Cox

Rating 2 this is freaky stars

This book was not my cup of tea. A friend recommended this book for me to read. She said it was hot and sexy. Well it’s not. I so wanted to DNF (did not finish) but I didn’t. Some of the stuff that the Sheikh did to Stella *shivers* was just creepy and some things was painful. It made me hurt but not in the good way as Stella felt.

The Sheikh spanked her in public while she was naked. By public I mean a sex club. Not very attractive or hot or sexy to me. That is just to much out there. I can read most BDSM/Dom books but this one just made me very uncomfortable and want to crawl out of my skin.

Now these to M.C.s was just barely getting to know one and another and they were already falling madly in love with each other. I don’t understand. I couldn’t fall in love with the Sheikh. He was a boring character. His side of the story was just so blah. Stella’s was a little more gripping but not by much. The Sheikh though his looks were very gorgeous his personality fell short.

I am confused on why these two M.C.s feel in love so fast. Sold to the Sheikh was just not the book for me.

Jay ♣


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