Book Reviews

Axel by Harper Sloan

Rating 5 out of 5 stars.

Oh don’t we always fall for a man who seems ¬†too good to be true. So did the heroine, Isabelle. At the beginning we don’t get much out of the wonderful guy. We just hop straight to the asshole whom she was already married too. He was a very pathetic excuse of a man this Brandon. He beat his wife just for talking to her best friend. Luckily Isabelle divorces him or at least trying since he isn’t making it easy for her.

Poor Isabelle. Thankfully Sloan didn’t make her into the most seen character now. The one who has this mental illness and meets the man of her dreams and all of the sudden she doesn’t have it and she is alright now. Thank you. I like that after years of the fact that she is still having a hard time dealing her issue. )I don’t want to spoil it. Not going to let it slip.)

“Lesson number one in hooch wear-be drunk”-Isabelle

Axel has moved back and he goes to meet his Marine friends at a club which he runs into Isabelle who just happens to be best friends with Greg Cage who is also friends with Axel. Well it blows up. The anger, the heat, the omgosh this was amazing sex.

I loved this story. Even though they took forever to final sit down and talk they did and it worked out. I recommend this book to anyone who loves romance at its finest. Axel and Isabelle’s story was so wonderful. There was times I wanted to cry. I loved every bit of Axel. It is now one of my favorites.