Book Reviews

Taken By the Storm by Cyndi Friberg’s

Rating 2.9 out of 5 stars.

Where to start? At first we are on Ontariese. The High Queen and her lover are sending away her twin daughters for their own safety. The High Queen’s husband is a mass murdering S.O.B. Yay! That’s always exciting.

Fast forward a few years, we meet out heroine Charlotte in the mountains of beautiful, wonderful, gorgeous Colorado. (Originally from Colorado and miss my mountains very much.) She is wallowing in sadness. A year ago her husband and son were in a car accident. She is off in her la-la land when a thunderstorm happens. In the middle of winter in Colorado which is not normal. A fire starts she calls 911, firefighters are on their way.

I forgot why she went out towards the fire but she does and that is where she meets Tal dar Aune.

He is an alien. A gorgeous alien. There was some inappropriate touching which Charlotte enjoyed. Then he tells her he’s not from Earth. Which we already figured out. Hello your hair moves by itself of course you are not from Earth. Moving on, Dez dar Joon is seeking Charlotte which I’m still confused on why he was.


There was a lot of sex. None that was extremely hot but pretty much sex. Going through the motions. This book was a little boring to me. I had to drag myself through it. I start to skim a little at the end just to finally finish it.

This was my second alien romance erotica novel. I don’t think it’s my cup of tea.